Video from some of our ALS-related research: mitochondria move along a larval motor axon.

July 2020

Current and former members from various labs on campus come together virtually to celebrate Rachel's retirement. As her going away gift she received a custom painting by Amy Michelle Nyman of Van Gogh's 'Cafe Terrace at Night' with fruit flies!

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June 2020

Steve gives virtual talks at the Boston Area Drosophila Meeting and at an imaging workshop at the University of Toronto. 

The Rodal Lab welcomes our newest post-doc Matthew Pescosolido from the Morrow Lab at Brown University. Welcome Matthew! 

Welcome to our new Fly Kitchen Manager Valeriy Znakharchuk!


The Rodal Lab welcomes our newest post-doc Mónica Cristina Quiñones-Frías from the Littleton lab at MIT. Welcome Mónica!

May 2020

So Min graduated with highest honors! Congratulations, So Min!!

Our amazing Fly Kitchen manager Rachel retired this month! While we will miss having her as part of the lab, we wish her all the very best in retirement. Congratulations, Rachel!

Ilias Vamvakis joins the lab as a rotation student!

Cassie’s review 'Mechanisms for biogenesis and release of neuronal extracellular vesicles' is out! 

So Min defends her senior honors thesis! Great work So Min!!

The lab has a virtual celebration on Tania's last day at Brandeis before leaving to be a Senior Research Associate at eGenesis.

April 2020

Huge thanks to NINDS for funding our new R01 “Organization and function of the periactive zone”. Looking forward enormously to diving into these exciting projects!

Excited to share Steve's preprint “Autoregulation clamps the synaptic membrane-remodeling machinery and promotes productive actin-dependent endocytosis

March 2020

Welcome to our new lab admin Erin!


Come run our Brandeis Fly Kitchen! We're looking for a special person to make, dispense, and organize food for thousands upon thousands of fruit flies. This person will also maintain the facility, train undergrads to help with the food prep, generate bills for labs, etc. Find out more!

February 2020

Amy successfully gives her first pizza talk - well done!

Join our lab! We are looking for a lab manager skilled in organization, communication, smarts, and kindness to support us and the Goode lab next door.

January 2020

Lisandro joins the lab as a rotation student.

December 2019

Avi and Biljana go to the 2019 ASCB EMBO meeting where Biljana presents a poster.

Jack joins the lab as a new undergraduate researcher. 

October 2019

Cassie gives a talk "Presynaptic periactive zone proteins protect extracellular vesicle cargoes from degradation" at the 2019 Neurobiology of Drosophila meeting at Cold Spring Harbor.

September 2019

Erica joins the lab as our newest postdoc! Welcome!

August 2019

Rylie successfully defends her thesis! Congrats, Dr. Walsh - we will miss you SO MUCH!


Our undergrads made great posters for Scifest and did an excellent job communicating their summer research! Check out their hard work in this slideshow (and BIG thanks to the mentors!):

July 2019

In the middle of a busy summer of research, we found time for a lab pool party! Meet our special guest Fountainasia Rainbow Mane IV!

June 2019

Congrats to ShiYu for her Snx16 paper​ and to Steve for his spotlight, both in the Journal of Cell Biology! 

Excited to share Rylie's preprint, "Opposing functions for retromer and Rab11 in extracellular vesicle cargo traffic at synapses"!

Amy passes her inside exam! Congrats!

Sara returns to us for her second summer as a MRSEC REU student. Welcome back!

May 2019

Frankie graduates with high honors!








We say goodbye and good luck to Troy as he gets ready for grad school at Weill Cornell.

Amy is chosen as a POSSE mentor. Congrats!

January 2019

Happy new year and welcome to our two new undergrads So Min and Margalit!

December 2018

The Rodal lab heads to ASCB 2018 to tell the world about our science! Rylie and Avi gave presentations, while Cassie, Amy, Biljana, and Frankie presented posters. Here's a slideshow of all the fun!

November 2018

ShiYu defends her thesis with aplomb and eloquence. Congratulations, Dr. Wang! We are so proud of you and all your hard work.

Avi presents her talk "Trafficking mechanisms for extracellular vesicle cargoes" at SfN 2018 in the "Extracellular vesicles: Insights into cell-to-cell communication in the nervous system" symposium

Welcome to Andrea and Alexis our new rotation students!

October 2018

Cassie is one of the recipients of the NINDS Postdoctoral NRSA Fellowship!

September 2018

Avi is one of the recipients of the inaugural NINDS Landis Mentoring Award! [BrandeisNOW article here.]

Welcome to Suhaily and Raegan our new rotation students!

July 2018

Frankie is selected for the Computational Neuroscience Traineeship for 2018-2019! Congrats!

June 2018

Troy rejoins the lab as a research technician and Sara joins us for the summer as an REU!


We have our annual Group Meeting in the Pool!


Avi shares our science at the 2018 FASEB Molecular Biophysics of Membranes meeting and at the 2018 Cell Biology of the Neuron Gordon Research Conference.

May 2018

Amy joins our lab as a graduate student! Welcome!

Ben, Amanda, and Troy successfully defend their honors theses and graduate - we're so proud of you!

April 2018

March 2018

Rebecca and Tyler join the lab as rotation students. Welcome!

February 2018

We pack up the lab to visit Waltham High School students for a morning of fly science! Photos here.

The PLOS Community B
log publishes Steve's guest post, "Understanding Images: Traffic jam causes immune cell road rage".

Undergraduates Jonah, Julia, and Sultana join our lab!

January 2018

Biljana joins the our lab as the newest post doc and Jasmine begins her rotation - welcome!

December 2017

Rylie presents a poster and Avi gives a talk at ASCB 2017!

Stephanie (BS) successfully defends her Thesis! Congrats!

November 2017

Our collaborative paper with the Paradis lab describing the effects of the ALS-associated gene TDP-43 on dendrite branching comes out at Science Reports. Great job Josiah and Mugdha and thank you again to the Blazeman Foundation for supporting Mugdha's work! 


We are awarded a new R01 grant from NINDS to study how neuronal cargoes are packaged into extracellular vesicles!

Melda and Amy join the lab as rotation students.

October 2017

Avi, Steve and Cassie revel in the fruit flies at Cold Spring Harbor Neurobiology of Drosophila

Our paper describing a role for the Lowe Syndrome gene OCRL in innate immune cells comes out at PLoS Genetics and gets the cover shot! Science blog article here!

September 2017

Cassie joins our lab as a post doctoral researcher after recently obtaining her PhD at UMASS medical school.

Inna joins our lab as an undergraduate researcher.


August 2017

Meghan joins our lab as a rotation student!

Avi journeyed to Taiwan to speak at the Neuroscience Program
of Academia Sinica symposium on Drosophila Neurobiology,
and also found some really huge dendritic spines at Yehliu Geopark.

July 2017

Anna leaves us to start grad school at MIT!

Rabia finishes her master's degree in the Rodal lab and starts in the neuroscience PhD program!

Good luck, friends!

June 2017

Nicole Ramos Solis joins the lab from the University of Puerto Rico at Humacao, as a Brandeis Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) student.

Avi is interviewed by NPR's Marketplace to discuss how federal funding cuts can affect science researchers.

May 2017

Avi is promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure!

Mugdha wins a Brandeis Provost's Research Award to take her Blazeman Foundation for ALS-supported research into human induced pluripotent stem cells. Brandeis Now article here.

Rylie and Steve represent the lab at the Janelia Farm Junior Scientist Workshop on Neuronal Cell Biology and at the Cellular Dynamics: Membrane-Cytoskeleton Interface meeting, respectively.

April 2017

Tania has her fly art featured by ​one of our vendors!

March 2017

Travis and Siobhan start their rotations in our lab!

January 2017

Our microscope gets interviewed; Jabberwocky is famous!

December 2016

Mugdha presents at CSHL for Neurodegenerative Diseases: Biology & Therapeutics.

Avi, Steve, ShiYu, and Rylie attend the 2016 ASCB meeting with an exciting array of talks and posters. 

Steve hones his message and wins the ASCB elevator pitch contest!

See the video here and read Steve's thoughts on how to get your message across here.

November 2016

Charlotte defends her Ph.D. thesis and gets ready to move to Munich for her post-doc! 

Tatevik Sarkissian begins her rotation in our lab.

Amanda is recognized in BrandeisNow for her hard work as a junior neuroscience major!

October 2016

Loki joins our lab as Assisssssssstant Research Reptile. (It's a snake joke. She's a snake.)

September 2016

Our paper on mechanisms of FBAR regulation is published in PNAS! (And written up in the ASCB post!)

Rabia joins our lab as a Neuro master's student.

August 2016

Our paper describing the role of membrane traffic in growth factor signaling in ALS (supported by the Blazeman Foundation) is published in MBOC! (BrandeisNOW article here.)

Rodal lab turns six years old! Happy Birthday to us!

Amanda and Amber present posters at Scifest VI.

July 2016

Avi is profiled in the NIH Common Fund Face to Face Feature!

Amanda wins the Professor Chandler Fulton Prize for Undergraduate Research!

Avi talks about our OCRL work at the Gordon Research Conference on Protein Processing, Trafficking, and Secretion.

Corny the cornsnake joins us in lab for a few weeks. (He helps us when we can't make heads or tails of our data!)

June 2016

Our lab family grows again - Mugdha and Areen welcome baby Mihika on June 18!

Avi presents a poster at the Gordon Research Conference Lysosomes and Endocytosis.

Amber joins us as a summer REU student.

May 2016

Zach officially becomes Dr. Feiger, while Anna and Katy graduate with highest honors!

Peng Yin @wyssinsitute publishes an exciting new paper describing a new method for quantitative super-resolution imaging. Zach's Drosophila NMJs make a cameo in Figure 3!


Rylie passes her inside exam!

March 2016

Zach crushes his thesis defense! Congratulations, Dr. Feiger! Best of luck at ICF International - we will miss you so much.

January 2016

Karina Herlambang joins our lab as a rotation student.

Kate and Anna's paper describing an efficient and powerful method for tissue-specific tagging of endogenous loci in Drosophila melanogaster comes out in Biol Open.

December 2015